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Weblog Archive

January Beginnings, fiddling with an over-heating PC
February Part Two Part Three Space models, cooling and cabling
March Part Two Case customising, tape libraries, and LCDs
April The curse of home appliances
May Distributed.Net, gaming and and server cabinets
June Part Two Choosing a new PC case ...
July Part Two ... and then choosing the new internals
August ... and then migrating them all into it
September Part Two Sleeving cables, ISS repairs, and the end of RC5
October John Otway, Sonny Barger, and Frank Herbert
November Part Two The first steps into airsoft
December USB2, BMWs, and an aircraft cannon
January Part Two Legalities of airsoft, ferrofluid, and more cabling
February Part Two Jeeps, cameras, and servers
March UPSes, satphones, and yet more airsoft
April Dead disks, shotguns and the ultimate road warrior
May GPS navigation and salvaged computer hardware
June Homecomings, beer, and several types of virus
July Fighting for airsoft, two Dans, and the Stella Awards
August Cacti, Callahan's, and skinning a computer
September Problems with The UN Company, destroying Jupiter
October Weblog musings, Sonicwall, and another new PC
November Venom, shotguns, SMS and gun crime
December Cameltoes, Olympic boondoggles, and griping
January Motrhead and the Whitworth Rifle
February Tungsten T3 and the Menace Of Gloves
March Area 51, fish heads and Linux security myths
April Ranting and raving, the airsoft collection grows
May Batteries, viruses, and Area 51 make good!
June SpaceShipOne, wireless networking, and Reagan
July Al Gore, bugs in servers, and a new house
August Political rants and raves, buggy cacti, and SCSI
September Busy times, obsolete servers, partings and Dick
October Literature, and many unexpected kittens
November Annoying ISPs, moving hosts and moving house
December More moving hosts, more moving house
January Guns... Lots of guns. And the moons of Saturn, too.
February Fans, RIP HST, Backup Exec, kitchen computing
March Many wires, many links, and More Power!
April Store rooms, gardens, and planning a new PC case
May Rearranging domains, gun sights, and SF criticism
June Water cooling, Guantanamo, and the death of airsoft?
July Unusual music, new computers, and much ranting
August Steve Jobs, Project Orion, and many annoying hard disks
September Juggling servers and unusual weaponry
October Rebuilding a computer room and buying too many guns
November Fireworks, zombies, and Sony's DRM rootkit
December Picking locks and mixed feelings about furniture
January An eBay annoyance, the death of AD, and suing O2
February Wildlife, trouble with traders, and lots of new hardware
March Book reviews, and all sorts of problems with computers
April Model making and a lot of expensive hardware
May More models, a DSL upgrade, and the story of SAS
June Squirrels, water and a variety of arguments online
July The Slingbox, robots and mechanical men
August Antique games, handwriting, centipedes and Linux!
September Home networking, politics and giant tape libraries
October Scams, witch-hunts, politics and much more networking
November Kitchen computing, John Brunner, and political grumbling
December Silencing servers, exploding UPS, and a sudden ending
January An alien autopsy, and all manner of gadgets and gizmos
February Windows Vista, water cooling, and dissing Linus
March Blue lights, hard disks, more Vista and many dead Palms
April The worst of Heinlein, Jamaican prejudice, and yet more Vista
May Gripes about airsoft, online payments, software and Mac bigots
June Cruising on the Thames, obsolete servers, and blocking GPS
July Security theatre, the evils of DRM, and the Cult Of Apple
August Linux rants, annoying hardware, and a return to airsoft
September Target pistols, Victorian pinup girl Ada Lovelace, and a hiatus
February Picking up after the hiatus; complaints and gripes as usual
March Another hiatus - normal service may be resumed in 2009



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