Reading List - 2009



January Orson Scott Card Ender In Exile
Jack Vance Ecce And Old Earth
Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson Leviathan
Jack Vance Throy
Barry Longyear Elephant Song
Neal Asher Line Of Polity
Spider Robinson & Robert Heinlein Variable Star
February Piers Bizony The Man Who Ran The Moon
  Joe Haldeman Marsbound
John Varley The Golden Globe
John Varley Titan
  Alan Yates Coriolanus, The Chariot!
  Larry Niven & Stephen Barnes The Barsoom Project
March Clifford D. Simak Way Station
Wilhelmina Baird Crash Course
  John Varley Wizard
  Jon Stuart et al America (The Book)
  Frederik Pohl & Cyril M. Kornbluth The Space Merchants
  Frederik Pohl In The Problem Pit
  Frederik Pohl Drunkard's Walk
  Donald Slayton & Michael Cassutt Deke!
  Frederik Pohl The Merchant's War
April A. E. Van Vogt The Weapon Shops Of Isher
  Wilhelmina Baird Clip Joint
  Neal Stephenson The Diamond Age
  John Varley Demon
May Belle De Jour The Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl
  Poppy Z. Brite Exquisite Corpse
  Michael Palin Hemingway's Chair
  William Gibson Pattern Recognition
  Iain Banks Dead Air
  Andrew Chaikin A Man On The Moon
  Iain Banks The Steep Approach To Garbadale
June Mick Farren The Song Of Phaid The Gambler
  Amir D. Aczel The Riddle Of The Compass
  Joe Haldeman Buying Time (The Long Habit Of Living)
  Mick Farren Their Masters' War
July Orson Scott Card The Memory Of Earth
  Iain Banks Whit
  Iain M. Banks Consider Phlebas
  Iain Banks Complicity
  Orson Scott Card The Call Of Earth
  Philip Josť Farmer To Your Scattered Bodies Go
August Philip Josť Farmer The Fabulous Riverboat
  Philip Josť Farmer The Dark Design
  Iain M. Banks The Player Of Games
  MaryAnn Johanson The Totally Geeky Guide To The Princess Bride
September Orson Scott Card The Ships Of Earth
  Philip Josť Farmer The Magic Labyrinth
  Philip Josť Farmer Gods Of Riverworld
  Bill Bryson In a Sunburned Country
  Tom Wolfe The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby
October Orson Scott Card Earthfall
  Belle De Jour The Further Adventures Of A London Call Girl
  Hugh Laurie The Gun Seller
  Tucker Max I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
  Neal Asher Brass Man
November Chris Sugden The Kipper Country Code
  David Sedaris When You Are Engulfed In Flames
  Bill Bryson The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid
  Terry Pratchett Going Postal
  Denis Leary Why We Suck
December Neal Asher Polity Agent
  John Hodgman More Information Than You Could Possibly Require
  Severo Ornstein Computing in the Middle Ages
  Bill Bryson A Short History Of Nearly Everything
  Richard Cowper Clone