Reading List - 2008



January Douglas Coupland The Gum Thief
Orson Scott Card Enderverse Short Stories
Peter F. Hamilton Pandora's Star
Joe Haldeman Camoflage
Richard Matheson I Am Legend
Alan Dean Foster Icerigger
Ed Regis Who Got Einstein's Office?
Terry Pratchett Going Postal
  Alan Dean Foster Mission To Moulokin
Alan Dean Foster The Deluge Drivers
February Iain M. Banks Matter
  Brooke Stern Suffering The Consequences
  Terry Pratchett Thud!
W.T. Quick Dreams Of Flesh And Sand
March W.T. Quick Dreams Of Gods And Men
  Peter F. Hamilton Judas Unchained
  Peter Doggett There's A Riot Going On
  Terry Pratchett Night Watch
  James Lovegrove Days
  Giles Foden Mimi And Toutou Go Forth
  Eric Idle The Road To Mars
  John Brunner The Jagged Orbit
April John Brunner Stand On Zanzibar
  Terry Pratchett Monstrous Regiment
May John Brunner The Shockwave Rider
  Cory Doctorow Little Brother
  Wil Wheaton Just A Geek
  Wil Wheaton Dancing Barefoot
  Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson The Eye In The Pyramid
  Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson Hunters of Dune
  Mick Farren CORPSE
June Philip Josť Farmer Dayworld
  David Brin Kil'n People
  Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson The Golden Apple
  William Gibson Count Zero
July Rudy Rucker The Hacker And The Ants
  Rudy Rucker Software
  Rudy Rucker Wetware
  Rudy Rucker Freeware
  John Scalzi Old Man's War
  China Mieville The Scar
August Walter Jon WIlliams Hardwired
  John Scalzi The Ghost Brigades
  Rudy Rucker Liveware
  Ian McDonald Ares Express
September John Scalzi The Sagan Diaries
  Jack Vance Ports Of Call
  Joe Haldeman The Hemingway Hoax
  Neil Asher Gridlinked
  Joe Haldeman Forever Peace
  Randall E. Stross The Wizard Of Menlo Park
October Spider Robinson Stardance
  Toby Frost Space Captain Smith
  Alfred Bester Tiger! Tiger!
  John Scalzi Zoe's Tale
  Toby Frost God Emperor Of Didcot
  John Scalzi The Last Colony
November Cory Doctorow Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom
  Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Editor) New Skies
  Larry Niven & Edward Lerner Fleet Of Worlds
  Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle The Mote In God's Eye
  Spider Robinson Telempath
  Charles Sheffield Brother To Dragons
  Jack Vance Maske: Theary
  Barry Longyear Circus World
  Ed Regis Nano!
  Joe Haldeman Chameleon
December Neil Gaiman & Alex Stewart (Editors) Temps
  Larry Niven & Edward Lerner Juggler Of Worlds
  Neil Gaiman & Alex Stewart (Editors) Eurotemps
  Colin Greenland Harm's Way
  Jack Vance Araminta Station
  Simon Ings Hot-Head
  Mike Mullane Riding Rockets