Reading List - 2003



January Rudy Rucker The Hacker And The Ants
Joe Haldeman The Long Habit Of Living
Frederick Pohl The Years Of The City
Charles Sheffield The Web Between The Worlds
Dorothy L. Sayers Clouds Of Witness
Stephen Bury Cobweb
Agatha Christie Sad Cypress
George R.R. Martin (Editor) Wild Cards #1
Stephen Baxter Voyage
Clive James May Week Was In June
Dirk Maggs Independence Day UK
Terry Pratchett Equal RItes
February George R.R. Martin (Editor) Wild Cards #10 - Double Solitaire
Isaac Asimov Five Favourite Stories
  Neal Stephenson Snow Crash
  Mick Farren The Song Of Phaid The Gambler
  David Brin The Postman
  Simon Ings Hot Head
  James White Ambulance Ship
  Walter Schirra Schirra's Space
  Jerry Pournelle King David's Spaceship
  Robert Shea and Robert Wilson The Illuminatus! Trilogy
  Laurie Brown & John Rigden Most Of The Good Stuff
  Jerry Pournelle King David's Spaceship
March Barry Letts Blake's Seven - The SevenFold Crown
  Ellis Peters The Potter's Field
  Hunter S. Thompson Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
  Dick Francis Enquiry
  Vernor Vinge A Fire Upon The Deep
  Harlan Ellison "Repent, Harlequin", said the Ticktock Man
  Ralph Leighton "Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman!"
  James Gleick Chaos
  Frederik Pohl Chernobyl
April Robert Heinlein The Puppet Masters
  Silverberg & Haber (Editors) Best Science Fiction of 2001
  Gregory Benford Timescape
  Mack Reynolds Galactic Medal Of Honour
  L. Sprague de Camp The Fallible Fiend
  Caleb Carr Killing Time
  Stewart Cohen Wheelers
May Dick Francis Trial Run
  Terry Pratchett Moving Pictures
  Nick Hornby High Fidelity
  Terry Pratchett Jingo
  Douglas Adams The Guide To The HHGTTG
  James Lovegrove Days™
  Oscar Wilde The Importance Of Being Earnest
  Terry Pratchett Reaper Man
  Terry Pratchett The Last Continent
  Orson Scott Card Speaker For The Dead
June David Brin The Practice Effect
  Gaiman & Stewart (Editors) Temps
  Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  Anonymous A Man With A Maid - Volume 1
  Anonymous A Man With A Maid - Volume 2
  Gaiman & Stewart (Editors) Eurotemps
  Anonymous A Man With A Maid - Volume 3
  A. E. Van Vogt The Gryb
  Terry Pratchett Interesting Times
  Jack Vance Space Opera
  Philip José Farmer Traitor To The Living
  John Brunner The Compleat Traveller In Black
  Ian McDonald Ares Express
  Iain Banks Dead Air
  Orson Scott Card Shadow Puppets
July Kevin J. Anderson Blindfold
  Hunter S. Thompson Fear And Loathing In America
  Larry Weiner Flight Of The Bumblebee
  Ron Goulart The Fire-Eater
  Neil F. Comins Heavenly Errors
  Greg Bear Darwin's Children
  Jack Vance The Palace Of Love
  Spider Robinson Callahan's Legacy
  Douglas Coupland Hey Nostradamus!
August Spider Robinson Callahan's Legacy
  Gerald Kersh A Little Bank Deposit
  Jack Vance The Grey Prince
  William Gibson Virtual Light
  Larry Weiner The Stealer Of Souls
  John Otway Cor Baby, That's Really Me!
  William Gibson Idoru
  Orson Scott Card First Meetings
  Rudy Rucker The Hacker And The Ants
  Hunter S. Thompson Screwjack
  Larry Niven And Steven Barnes Achilles' Choice
  Ernest Hogan High Aztech
September Dr Magnus Pyke Red Rag To A Bull
  Thomas Harris Red Dragon
  Colin Greenland Take Back Plenty
  Charles Sheffield Brother To Dragons
  Bill Bryson The Lost Continent
  Agatha Christie The Blue Geranium And Other Stories
  James Follett Earthsearch
  Laurie Brown & John Rigden Most Of The Good Stuff
  Chris Beebee The Hub
October Oscar Wilde Lady Windemere's Fan
  Oscar Wilde A Woman Of No Importance
  David Lindley Where Does the Weirdness Go?
  John Brunner The Infinitive Of Go
  Arthur C. Clarke Childhood's End
  Charles Sheffield Summertide
  Mick Farren Corpse
  Hunter S. Thompson Fear & Loathing - On The Campaign Trail
  William Golding Rites Of Passage
  Walter Jon Williams Hardwired
  William Golding Close Quarters
  Allen Steele Clarke County, Space
  William Golding Fire Down Below
  Mervyn Peake Gormenghast
November Stephen King Hearts In Atlantis
  Mervyn Peake Titus Groan
  Iain Banks The Wasp Factory
  Dean R. Koontz Lightning
  William Thackeray Vanity Fair
  Michael Critchton Jurassic Park
  James Morrow The Wine Of Violence
  Joe Haldeman 1968
  Agatha Christie The Secret Of Chimneys
  Iain Banks Walking On Glass
  Piers Anthony For Love Of Evil
  C.P. Hazel Whip Hands
December Piers Anthony For Love Of Evil
  Sarah Veitch Different Strokes
  Stephen King Pet Semetary
  Piers Anthony Anthonology
  Bill Bryson The Lost Continent
  Piers Anthony Wielding a Red Sword
  Larry Stern The Darker Side
  Lawrence M. Krauss The Physics Of Star Trek
  Bill Bryson Made In America
  Thomas Harris Hannibal
  Poppy Z. Brite Drawing Blood
  Josephine Scott The Fantasies Of Josephine Scott
  Douglas Coupland Microserfs
  Douglas Adams et al The Guide To The Hitch-Hiker's Guide
  Larry Niven and Steven Barnes The Descent Of Anansi
  Charles Sheffield Proteus Combined
  Clive James May Week Was In June