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Dominic C. Thomas

42, Microsoft network design and management guru.

Born Plymouth, lived Pontypridd, Lincoln, Aylesbury and now in East London. Currently working as Senior Network Analyst for an ex-manufacturing company in Essex, a change from my traditional environment of government and defence contracting.


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Specialist Subjects:

Wintel server design and build, LAN and WAN management
High-speed stunt kites 1978-1998
Multimedia computing on an ever-expanding budget
Manufacture and use of exotic leatherwear
Blue-sky technology and the realms of the scientific imagination
American counter-culture in the Vietnam era
Basement target shooting for fun and profit



Published works:

Stream of electrons - a study of weirdness in the online community
- Cocoon Press, 1993

The Bastard Operator from Hell 2
- Cocoon Online, 1994

Richard Feynman and Hunter Thompson - two sides of the same coin
- Cocoon Press, 1995

"Imminent Collapse of the Internet. MPEG at eleven!" - Urban myths for our time
- Cocoon & Sons, 1995

Why Penrose was wrong - my life in physics
- Cocoon Publications, 1995

Black Cocoon leatherwear catalogue
- Cocoon Press, 1997 (ninth edition)

Reasons to overheat - my life with fourteen fans
- Cocoon Online, 2000

Death By Plastic - a rapid introduction to airsoft replicas
- Cocoon Online, 2003

Weaving Tangled Webs for fun and profit
 - Cocoon Online, 2004

Kitchen Computing - building the home datacenter
- Cocoon Online, 2007




"Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of the pox"
"That, my Lord, depends on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress"

- John Wilkes to The Earl of Sandwich, Parliament, November 1763
(and requoted by Disraeli to Gladstone, at a social occasion one hundred years later)



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