Change Log


Tuesday 27th August


INFINITY - Failure in sound on left-hand speaker pair appears to be an issue with the remote control cable not being plugged in firmly...

Sunday 4th August

INFINITY - Installed ViCam Single CAM Driver 08-10-00-6858. Installed Winamp V2.80 plus various skins and plugins.

Saturday 3rd August

INFINITY - Upgraded Logitech iPoint driver suite to V1.83 build 672 - hopefully to provide support for Voyetra AudioStation V5. [It didn't - V5 uses CTRL-Key rather than just Key. Waiting for iTouch update]


INFINITY - Replaced SoundBlaster with Videologic SonicFury. Upgraded ATI drivers to final pre-Catalyst release. Fiddled around with everything else under the sun...

Thursday 16th May

INFINITY - Updated video drivers to released V6071. "Cannot initialize video" problem persists when Creative Mixer open......

Saturday 4th May

INFINITY - Changed parameters in DVD Genie to use "Force Bob" de-interlacing for ATI Cinemaster drivers - as recommended at Omegadrive's page.

INFINITY - Disabled CD audio digital playback on Ricoh drive within Windows Device Manager, following a re-occurrence of the "cannot initialize video" error...

Saturday 20th April

INFINITY - Changed firewall syslog settings to use SonicWall default instead of WebTrends WELF. Updated WebTrends Firewall Suite parameters to SonicWall format to match.

INFINITY - Updated ATI Radeon driver suite: WDM Capture V5118, Driver V6043, MMC+DVD V7.6

Sunday 17th March

HOMEWORLD - UPS appears to have shutdown automatically on a live test, although the UPS service may have crashed while doing so. Check calibration procedure...

Monday 11th March

INFINITY - Modified side case fans to provide cross-flow: intake on left side, exhaust on right side.

Saturday 9th March

INFINITY - Disabled CD audio digital playback on Pioneer drive within Windows Device Manager. Now appears to allow digital playback via CD Valet and Creative Mixer, and allows ATI TV to co-exist with Creative Mixer. Media Player and others untested.

INFINITY - Installed Radeonator V1.70Beta.





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Formula for calculating AGP graphics aperture size:

System RAM / (Video RAM / 2) = 512 / (32 / 2) = 32Mb

Probably best to set it to 64Mb to give some breathing space.

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Main case fans are Sunon KD1208PTB2-6

80mm x 80mm x 25mm - Rated 36 CFM, 32.5 dB, 2800 rpm, 2.0W

Possible replacements:

        Papst 8412NG - 40.6 CFM 32 dB

        Papst 8412NGM - 34 CFM 26 dB    Looks promising, available at Chillblast

        Panaflo P80H1A - 39.6 CFM 32 dB

        Titan TFD8025M12 - 36.6 CFM 29 dB

"Smart fans" - Thermaltake good but loud, Vantec bad, Cooler Master good but weedy...

Enermax UC8-FAB manually adjustable - 40CFM approx max

Fan Database - http://www.icrontic.com/mm/Articles/FanGuide/Sorted_Data_html/

Fan Database - http://gizzo.8m.com/fans/

Fan Database - http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/tecar.html

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