Airsoft Links


UK Suppliers Zero One Airsoft } I've ordered from all of these suppliers, and I can't say that any of them are perfect - but it's still slightly easier than shipping from Hong Kong.
  Mad About Airsoft
  Airsoft Kit
  Wolf Armouries
  Airsoft Armoury   A newish company with a shop in Aylesbury
UK Accessories Dowlings   Holsters, slings, paraphernalia
  Gamo   Targets and target holders
  Attleborough   Huntin', shootin' and fishin'
Far East Suppliers Den Trinity   One of the acknowledged experts in the field
  UN Company } Three of the big names... If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.
  Wargame Club
  RedWolf Airsoft
  Airsoft Club   Creators of my M4CQB
Manufacturers Tokyo Marui   The leading name in AEG replicas
  Western Arms   High-quality gas blowback pistols
  Brocock   The ultimate air weapons - soon to be defunct
  The Q Project   Home of the airsoft Vulcan minigun... Awesome
News and Reviews Arnie's Airsoft   Reviews, forums, help and advice - the UK No 1
  UK Airsoft Network   Home of the main UK airsoft forums
  UK Airsoft Map   Airsoft skirmishing locations
  RedWolf Airsoft   An excellent set of reviews - one of the gospels
Fan Sites Practical Airsoft   Informative and comprehensive UK skirmishing site
  Tai's Classic Airsoft   A reminder that there was life before Tokyo Marui
  Unconventional Airsoft   Just what it says on the can - recommended
  Airsoft Miniguns   Fast and furious