Beretta M92

Western Arms Beretta M92FS "Perfect Version" Premium Edition


The Perfect Version "Premium Edition" is Western Arms' top-of-the-range Beretta, complete with full licensed trademarks and, unlike the dull military finish of most airsoft replicas, the shiny gunmetal of a collector's weapon. The high-gloss finish shows every smear of oil, and catches the light beautifully - with the added weight of the magazine's gas reservoir, the effect is so convincing that even when holding the gun in the hand it's difficult to believe that nearly everything one can see and touch is plastic.

The replica is extremely authentic in operation, too. It field-strips in just the same way as the real weapon, and every lever and catch is fully operational - even the unusual decocking safety mechanism (where applying the safety catch while the gun is cocked and loaded will safely release the hammer onto a solid bolt as well as locking the trigger mechanism) as been fully implemented.

One known design issue is a slight rattle of the magazine when the gun is shaken, but I've solved this by sticking a tiny pad of smooth-side Velcro low down inside the magazine well. Once it had bedded-in the magazine was still free enough to slide in and out easily, but all trace of the rattle had gone.

In use the M92 is smooth, powerful and a delight to shoot. The blowback action is crisp and quick, the recoil enough to be noticeable, and the sound pleasing to the ear. It's an elegant gun - not as coldly efficient as the design of the 1911-based weapons, not as brutal as the SV Infinity's gangster styling - and can be seen co-starring in most John Woo films, usually in a matched pair.

Using standard Excel .2g BBs, I've yet to experience any misfeeding problems, and on an exclusive diet of low-powered HFC134a propellant gas there is no apparent sign of wear and tear in the mechanism. It was expensive for a handgun but, looked after carefully, I think it will last the duration.


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